Secondary Education

Secondary education

Secondary education provides everyone, after completing primary schooling, under equal conditions and based on individual capability, the opportunity to acquire knowledge and the competence needed to enter the labour market and to undertake further education at higher education institutions.

Secondary education is provided by secondary schools and other legal persons and includes various types and forms of instruction, education, qualification and training that are carried out according to the provisions of the Primary and Secondary School Education Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, 87/2008, 86/2009, 92/2010, 105/2010-cor., 90/2011, 16/2012, 86/2012, 94/2013 and 152/2014).

Secondary school institutions are: secondary schools student's dormitories.

Secondary school programmes are as follows:

  • secondary school diploma programmes;
  • secondary profession degree programmes;
  • basic professional degree programmes;
  • qualification and training programmes.

Secondary schools, depending on the type of the programme they offer, are as follows:

  • gymnasiums;
  • vocational or trade schools;
  • art schools.

Gymnasiums prepare you for further education at higher education institutions, vocational schools prepare you to enter the labour market or provide you with the possibility of continuing education at higher education institutions, and art schools acquire knowledge, develop skills, abilities and creativity in different artistic fields.